A high performance hot rod for fishing!

The sleek and curvaceous “little” 20 foot bass boat has set more speed records in its time than any single engine outboard in history. The XB-2002 bass boat is so fast that our competitors want to call it a sport or race boat, and not a bass boat. The many owners of this great boat would argue that point till the cows come home!

The experience of owning and operating the fastest bass boat ever built goes well beyond the simple pleasures of the rod and reel. The fish don’t always bite. This is when the uniqueness of the 2002 really shines. If you are determined to be the first one there, or if you just want to open the big motor up and let her go, there is a thrill a second just waiting for you. With the Allison XB-2002 you can know that you have the fastest and best built performance bass boat on the water!

While the XB-2002 is a true 20′ and 2″, it is still a small 20 footer. This boat takes rough water better than other 22′ bass boats because of its long keel but also has the performance of a 17 footer when using the trolling motor. The narrow 83″ beam allows access to tight spots where wider and heavier “barge style” boats can’t go. The contoured sides and relative low profile of the 2002 reduce the effect of wind on the boat when you are trying to hold your own against a 20 knot wind with the trolling motor. This hot rod features ease of maneuverability, minimal control problems while fishing in a wind, and access to places bigger and heavier boats simply cannot get to. With an ample live well and options to make it your personal bass boat, who could ask for more?

  • World’s first all composite 100% no-rot bass boat
  • First bass boat with exclusive steel reinforced high density PVC foam cored no rot transom
  • First bass boat with 100% rot proof construction
  • First boat constructed with advanced stringer and floor system—replacing wood with gel coated fiberglass and high density PVC foam core in an I-beam sandwich construction
  • First bass boat to introduce large raised flippin’ deck

The XB-2002 is the world’s fastest bass boat. Its narrow beam and light weight, high-tech construction is best suited for short shaft engines of under 400 pounds. Absolutely under no circumstances install any 3-liter or larger engine!

Exclusive features available only on Allison Boats

  • High Performance Marine Resin
  • Steel Reinforced Transom with super high density PVC core – no rot
  • Advanced Stringer & Floor System – Fiberglass and high density PVC foam in an I-beam sandwich construction
  • Unibody Construction (hull/deck/floor) – completely fiberglassed together, inside and out
  • Completely Hand Built – each boat hand-laid and hand made
  • Patented hull design – 57+ years of extensive research and development result in exclusive performance and efficient hull designs
  • Chest-type rod lockers
  • Front flippin’ deck
  • Twin rear storage compartments for gear & ice cooler
  • Pedestal mounts extending from deck to hull for maximum rigidity
  • Recessed locking latches on lids
  • Deluxe switch panel with lockable master breaker switch
  • Bow panel w/tilt/light/switches
  • Troll motor plug with circuit breakers
  • Navigation lights with holder for stern light
  • Stainless steel rails and handles
  • Adjustable driver seat track
  • Black anodized jack plate
  • Transducer box in hull

Carpet Color Options





  • Category:
  • Model Year:
  • Length Overall:
  • Centerline Length:
  • Beam:
  • Molded Depth:
  • Approximate Weight:
    850-900 lbs
  • Recommended Horsepower:
    90-150 (440 lbs)

Rockdale Boat Mart has a large number of new and used boats and outboard motors in stock, and they provide repair services to keep your engine and motor running. If you have any questions about their services or the products they offer, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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